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F.E. Southard, Cabinetmaker




On these web pages are pictures of items I have made and sold. If something appeals to you, by all means call or email me. Aside from a few pieces I have on hand, most of my work is custom-made for patrons who want to put their ideas into a high quality hand-crafted item.

So… what does custom-made mean? Custom-made is a word that has become nearly meaningless. We hear about custom bath fittings, customized bank and financial services, custom car insurance and phone service. What they really mean is that mass produced components are mixed and matched to meet your needs (or what they tell you are your needs).

Because I am making something for you in particular rather than for a market, my time and skills are concentrated on perfecting your piece alone. We’ll put our ideas together to work out the design and details. The result will be something that will reward you for its looks and function over a lifetime.

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F.E. Southard, 3427 Middle Road, Sidney, Maine 04330
Telephone: (207) 547-3054